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Project Idea Thread

This thread is intended to throw out ideas for projects which seem interesting or serve a useful purpose. Additional discussion or critique of the ideas are encouraged. If thoughts on a particular idea take hold, a new thread can be spawned specifically for it.

Internet control/monitor for home automation
This has its origins in the X10 home control. The basis for the X10 based system is that electical devices in the home can be remotely controlled. Devices which are of interest may be lights, heater/air-conditioner, home temperature readings, video surveillance, burglar alarms, TV. The benefits to the user may include: electricity savings, home monitoring, limitting kids' TV usage, etc. We extend the idea to allow the X10 devices to be controlled from the internet.

- always-on/persistent internet connection: DSL, cable, T1
- always-on computer
- X10 devices in the home
- X10 Computer interface

- Front - dynamic web pages (User Interface programs) designed to allow access/control of the home devices. It interfaces with the back-end which exposes the controls.
- Back - COM component controlling the X10 devices or providing status. It either controls the X10 interface directly or with the X10 driver.

Hoang Do
July 25, 2002 (19:46)

e-mail reply-back service

Way back when there was a fax machine mechanism referred to as "fax-back" that when a service number was called, a phone number could be keyed in for where documents were to be faxed . I don't know the exact process, but I believe there was a voice answering system where you punched in the keys in responses to questions, and you'd then receive the documents a short time later.

Well instead of technical documentation I'd like to provide my resume via e-mail by just providing an e-mail address which, when an e-mail is received, will reply with my resume. This could be extended in a few ways where the subject matter could be culled from the e-mail subject or body, but the simplest idea is where the automation does one thing via a one-to-one correspondence between server e-mail addresses and action: for example. Nothing there yet, but if I get something working I'll add the source code here (think it will be pretty simple).

November 10, 2005 (11:12)

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