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Much of how we feel we can change with a little bit of action. When I was really little I used to think, "This is really bad, but I am going to smile now that nobody can see me". I would do this in such situations as somebody passing away, when I got in trouble... I know it sounds crazy, but when I saw I was able to smile through such bad stuff, I felt so empowered... I thought there would not be anything harder than that for me to do in my life (little did I know there was).
I have to admit I still do that from time to time and it helps. I think that for as long as I can smile, there is a chance for me.

September 02, 2004 (22:13)

Thanks for the encouragement Susana. I was at the supermarket yesterday and today and it took more than an hour to get out. The mad rush of people clearing store shelves are getting more and more familiar. This only happens once in 10 years in California with the earthquake scare. Here in Florida, it has been twice this year already. Maybe I'm just too stupid to be that scared. Mind you, I am apprehensive about the hurricanes.... but not to the point of fighting people to clear the store shelves.

Here's to Francis playing nicely.

September 04, 2004 (10:30)

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