Here is an update on Classmates.

It seems they are one of the few DotComs doing well after the turmoil. I wonder if the folk from Harvard Hall class of 1984 are still around.

Posted by Hoang Do at August 29, 2002 07:16 AM

They might have survived the Dot Bomb phase but if they don't improve their service soon they will most likely find themselves among the dead eventually. Their service is NOT worth the money

Getting info on classmates & meeting wonderful new people

Violates it's own TOS & allows harassment & fraud to run ramped on their site

The Bottom Line
Good luck - have fun and enjoy life that is the most important thing in life and the Internet, but don't waste your money on

Full Review
Hi everyone -

I'm the reunion planner for my class. I was a gold member for 2 years prior to that it was FREE for me to send emails etc. and was GREAT when people replied to me I had their email addresses. I didn't mind paying a small fee but they said the $20 I paid was for a life time membership that fee lasted 1 year. The next year it was $30 I think. As I said as a reunion planner the service was great and did give me a lot of useful advice. Luckily my school has it own private website that is paid for by donations from the alumni so I don't need to send mails via

After 9-11 I found their interest groups on their site as I live in one of the areas that was attacked on that day and have friends that were directly effected therefore it deeply effected me. That board was great when I first found it - very supportive for those of us that were hurting. Gave us a place to vent. I've met some WONDERFUL people in real life because of that board. BUT's membercare did not enforce their own terms of service so now there are people there that take pleasure in forming fake identities and spending their money to join the service simply to harass others that have a better life then they do. About half the identities on the 9-11 board, the relationship board and the proms board are fake. It's truly sad and certainly not worth the $39 they are now charging for membership. I suggest keeping your money and using or to look for your missing friends - join the site for free and edit your profile so that you don't receive the junk mail. The only thing that you won't stop getting is how many new people have joined your class.


Posted by Telco-Girl at December 29, 2003 11:51 AM
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