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March 18, 2009


Links on Finance and the Economy

  • For Many Young Irish, First Taste of Hard Times Global Crisis Crushes Expectations of Boom Years
    I had visited the Galway and Clifden areas in Ireland in 1993 and have witnessed the struggle in the Irish countryside of the slightly older generation. The people were humble and down-to-earth. The country must have changed vastly during the boom years and the mood of the young must have been brighter during the last decade. Now it is time to draw upon the experience of older folks in order to learn to survive throught the dim years.

Some Technology Links

January 13, 2009

March 01, 2008

October 22, 2007

Some things to read

Working with Windows COM and Multithreading

Some topics to browse through

  • Stanford University Guidelines for Web Credibility
    This is some common-sense. If you are a web developer, it will help to keep this in mind and integrate some of the concepts into your site. If you are a user, look for signs of these in places that you visit in the virtual world.

Some Tools
* MSDN download - Jul 2007

October 07, 2007

CVS vs Subversion

I have been using CVS in quite a few places now and it has proved quite useful for day-to-day work. Not bad for something that is free. However, like all things confronted with the passing time, it is dated. Mind you, it is not as old as the ole SCCS but it has been a standard in the unix/linux realm for over a decade. With larger companies, I have seen migration to ClearCase. Now ClearCase is mighty powerful but it is also expensive. How much? I don't know... but I have only seen use of it in companies in excess of 5000 people.

For the past 3 years, there has been much talk of SubVersion. It is supposed to trumph CVS . Many people have even claimed that it should replace CVS . The opinion in 2004 may just be that.... an opinion . However, it is now 3 years after and if the SubVersion adoption is more prevalent, then this may be a trend that should not be disregarded.

Below are just some links comparing/differentiating the two Sourcecode Control Systems:

April 17, 2007

Development Links

Linux Related


  • Jython - Run python on any Java platform
    This lets you execute Python programs from within the Java Virtual Machine. Wild, but I am sure it is useful for all the Java folks looking for a scripting language. In addition to IronPython (which covers the .NET arena), I think this covers as many platforms as anyone can think of. For my part, I would love to find a port of Python for the ARM embedded platform. Although the small footprint of the embedded device might be a show-stopper.


  • SpeedFan
    This shows you the temperature of your laptop as well as allows you to control the turning on of fan. I'm running an HP Pavilion at work and most of the time when I kick off a make, the fan kicks on like a leaf blower.

March 21, 2007

Linux Links

Since I am now involved in Embedded Linux development on an ARM based machine, many of these links are Linux related. There are also some links on general software development on Linux: sockets, threading, patterns, etc...


October 23, 2006

Win32 things to do with Python

Embedding the Python Interpreter into C++

Namedpipes and Python

September 26, 2006

Development Links

Python Related

  • OnLamp - Python Logging
  • pyChecker
    One of the nasties of an interpreter is that errors in code are not found unless your thread of execution travels through the code that you have written. Although Python lets you get productive quickly, it also gives you a false sense of security. Just because your program runs without errors doesn't mean that it contain no errors. Hopefully pyChecker will help flush out those that are normally caught by a compiler within languages like C or C++. Here is a discussion from Guido about a proposal for static typing in Python: Optional Static Typing
  • PyRO - Python Remote Objects
    This is very similar to CORBA or Unix's RPC (Remote Procedure Call). It takes care of all the details involved in calling code residing on another machine. It also works as an IPC (InterProcess Call), pretty decent way to share data between separate applications. This is the Pyro Wiki Does anyone know what the overhead is?

Just Useful Tools

  • Dependency Walker
    This is one of many must tools for Windows developers.
  • NotePad++
    I am already using SciTE but NotePad++ is getting a lot of praise from its users. Both use the Scintilla component as the underlying engine so the look-and-feel of both editors should be very similar.

September 07, 2006

Language Links

Python Related

  • Python Unit Testing Tools
  • Of snakes and rubies; Or why I chose Python over Ruby
    I have already made my choice 5 years ago over Java, PHP, Perl, JavaScript, Visual Basic. I'm sure like other developers, we haven't regretted it yet. (knock-on-wood). The link is a write-up of the path of someone else making the choice.
  • Python Infrequently Answered Questions
  • pyNSource - class diagramming tool
    This is great for reverse-engineering existing code or just to give a framework diagram of existing code.
  • HappyDoc - Python Documentation Extraction Tool
    I had used this successfully back in 2002 and decided to try it again. It didn't work for me with ActiveState's Python 2.4 distribution. Hmm, I wonder why.. then again the last release of HappyDoc was quite a few years ago too. pydoc (which is now included in the regular python batteries distribution) gives about the same functionalities. I will stick with pydoc just to simplify matters.
  • IPython
    Like above, I checked this out some time back but since it didn't automatically come with the Python distribution, my usage of the tool didn't stick. However, as I will be using Python more regularly now, there are several issues relating to the standard Python Shell that needs scratching. The latest IPython was just release in June. Hopefully it will alleviate the itching from the standard shell.

Other Languages

  • programming APIs in different languages
    This is a good reference for programmers.
  • PHP shell
    Have I ever mentioned how useful an interactive shell is for rapid development cycles? Everytime I talk to other PHP folks, the topic comes around debugging a script that crashed while executing on the server. Our concensus was that the only option is the printf statement. Yuck!!!

Just Useful Tools

  • TextRep - Text Replacement across multiple files.
    Visual Studio has a text replacement function that is applied across multiple files. After working with Python regularly and editting with plain-ole-editors, the loss of this function is making itself felt. This free and relatively miniscule tool helps alleviate the problem.
  • Free compilers: Turbo Delphi, C++, C#
    It's wonderful that Borland is deciding to release free versions of these tools.
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