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August 03, 2004

Going East

I have jumped across the continent since April. During that time, I have made a cross country trip to Orlando, FL. Just as Mickey and Minney's home-town started to feel comfortable, there was an opportunity in Tampa. So I trek across Florida towards the city by the Gulf-of-Mexico. Today, I am working at a place called Pegasus Imaging right across from the International plaza. They make various component software for the Microsoft platform (just big words for the plain old PC). Since I am delving pretty deeply into the lower levels of .NET and its Interop services, hopefully there will be a chance to write some articles on that topic.

As a newcomer to the east coast, there was a little of what one might call culture-shock. However, America has become so uniform now that the difference was so much less that what I might have expected. In some cases, disappointedly so. Your Walmarts, Walgreens, Albertson, and huge malls are the same everywhere you go.

It sure does rain a lot here in Florida, torrential too. The humidity is overwhelming if you are not accustomed to it. I have heard people regard to it as "like being hit by a wall". The Clearwater and Sarasota beaches are absolutely gorgeous if you love warm water. My previous encounter with a stingray on a beach 5 years ago didn't deter me from jumping into the water with abandon.

Sarasota Siesta Key

A picture from Sarasota's Siesta Key.

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