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October 27, 2002

Tickets for Creed at the Thomas and Mack Pavilion

Last week I spent 3 hours in line to get tickets to the Creed fan appreciation show. The Thomas and Mack is just in front of UNLV so there were tons of college students in line just before their next class. Either that or they cut class for half a day to stand in line. I expect the show to be a packed house on Oct. 29th.

  • Creed - My Own Prison

February 09, 2002

Nelly Furtado in Sin City

Nelly played at the HardRock cafe and casino last night. Her opening act was Citizen Cope. Citizen is a two man band and played rather conservatively for 45 minutes. The audience was pretty nice considering that they had to wait 40 minutes between sets. Nelly didn't appear until 9:20 in her pink top with white sweat pants and started rocking the house.

Nelly playing with the audience

True to form, Nelly's concert was fun with lots of blasting dance energy. Quite obviously, the popular song "I'm like a bird" was the centerpiece and got played in the middle of her song set. She showed off some versatility by picking up a guitar (both acoustic and electric) and played with the band in some of her songs. Towards the end, she enlisted the crowd in audience participation by inciting them to wave their arms and to sing along with her.

Nelly with hands-in-the-air

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