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December 28, 2005

Things of Interest

  • Writings from music artists
    Anna Nalick's Journal
    Her journal is a pretty good read if you are a fan of her music. The snippet about her nephew changing the lyrics of her songs are cute.
    Anna Nalick on myspace
    Glen Phillips blog on myspace
    My brother is a die-hard fan of Glen and would make it a point to come to every one of his shows whenever he is in town. So are Nickel Creek, as I am told. Unfortunately I have never seen a live performance by Glen or Toad the Wet Sprockets when they were still together.
    Vienna Teng on myspace
  • Starting out small but affordable
    Affordable... yeah. At an average of $480,000 for a condo in San Jose, a normal person would need just about 2 lifetimes to pay off the interest alone. No need for curtains, just plaster newspaper over the windows. What about that thing called food? It is a luxury that we can do without.

December 24, 2005



    I hurt myself today
    To see if I still feel
    I focus on the pain
    The only thing thatís real
    The needle tears a hole
    The old familiar sting
    Try to kill it all away
    But I remember everything
    [Chorus] What have I become? 
    My sweetest friend
    Everyone I know
    Goes away in the end
    You could have it all
    My empire of dirt
    I will let you down
    I will make you hurt
    I wear my crown of shit
    On my liarís chair
    Full of broken thoughts
    I cannot repair
    Beneath the stain of time
    The feeling disappears
    You are someone else
    I am still right here           [Chorus]
    If I could start again
    A million miles away
    I would keep myself
    I would find a way

by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails

Doesn't that just give you goosebumps when you listen to the song or mull over the lyrics? Do you like the Nine Inch Nails or the Johnny Cash version?

Nine Inch Nails - Hurt on YouTube

Apparently Trent's lyrics resound with Johnny as well. The feelings evoked as you sing along are similar to the feelings of desperation . There is no ego here, only the realization of a life gone wrong. And a hopeless wish that it all could have been done different.

In some ways, the sentiment is pretty similar to Mindy Smith - Down in Flames

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December 20, 2005

Album Impressions

These are some of the albums which have laid claims on much of my music listening time for the past few months. There were many more which I have sifted through but (like the previous theme), I find myself coming back to these again and again.

annaNalick.jpg Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day
I first encountered Anna's music through one of the episodes of Joan of Arcadia. The title track Wreck of the Day still grabs when I suggest it to someone who haven't heard it. At initial listening to this album, the only stand out tracks are the singles "Wreck of the Day" and "Breathe (2AM)". However, as I continue to listen to it, Anna's voice is very strong and mature. The strength of her lyrics as well as the uniqueness of her voice is very compelling that I find myself listening to the album again and again without tiring of it. Other notable tracks are: "Citadel", "Satellite", and "In the Rough".

deathCab_0.jpg Death Cab for Cutie - Plans
Initially these guys sound like Keane . Their blend of piano and pop makes for music that are easy on the ears. Recently, they could be seen on Comedy Central - Last Laugh 2005 playing their single: Soul Meets Body. I have read that these guys started off in Seattle. Certainly they have grown beyond that now and are becoming quite mainstream. Other notable tracks are: Brothers on a Hotel Bed, Your Heart is an Empty Room. Listening to them more, Death Cab for Cutie certainly has a unique sound of their own.

Emiliana0_0.jpg Emiliana Torrini - Fisherman's Woman
Emiliana has been around for a long time. Certainly at one time or another you must have heard her voice in some contemporary TV show or movie. The child-like nature of her voice dominates the songs that she sings and the accompanying music are but props to the centerpiece that is her voice. Today has been OK brings forward a cathartic sense of stability for those who are wounded. For the minute space of this song, you can listen to it and let the world go on its way. The rest of the album seem to play around the theme of a Fisherman's life. It is quiet, subdued, and slow.
Emiliana Torrini - At Least It Was

Tori_Bee_0.jpg Tori Amos - The Beekeeper
Tori is practically a goddess to many people. She certainly is a giant among music makers and her discography stacks well against your bookcase. At the very least, she has my respect for her longevity and dedication to her music. Like any musicians who are able to last, the unique ability is her haunting and grabbing voice. Martha's Foolish Ginger and Sleeps with Butterflies cradles your emotions at every listen. Like every album, not every track is a keeper. Everyone has different tastes. However, this album is very playful and many tracks are worth listening to again and again. Some examples are: The Power of Orange Knickers and Goodbye Pisces.

Tori Amos - Sleeps with Butterflies

Other albums to jot about:

  • Sheryl Crow - Wildflower
  • Franz Ferdinand - You Could have it so much better
  • Nine Inch Nails - With Teeth
  • Cowboy Junkies - Early 21st Century Blues
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October 30, 2005

Songs worth remembering


This is from a person who has got quite a few years under him. As the years pass and musical trends move from one thing to another, I notice what whenever certain songs are listened to... they are still very enjoyable. I won't go as far as calling certain songs timeless, but there are songs which really seem that way. For me, the songs evoke memories and emotions of particular times in this simple life of mine. They are treasured for that specific aspect. How about starting a song list recommendation? This thread can be the start of your favorite song list . The format can simply be “artist - song title”

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October 04, 2005

Right Where It Belongs


  See the animal in it's cage that you built
  Are you sure what side you're on?
  Better not look him too closely in the eye
  Are you sure what side of the glass you are on?
  See the safety of the life you have built
  Everything where it belongs
  Feel the hollowness inside of your heart
  And it's all
  Right where it belongs
  What if everything around you
  Isn't quite as it seems?
  What if all the world you think you know
  Is an elaborate dream?
  And if you look at your reflection
  Is it all you wanted to be?
  What if you could look right through the cracks?
  Would you find yourself
  Find yourself afraid to see?
  What if all the world's inside of your head
  Just creations of your own?
  Your devils and your gods
  All the living and the dead
  And you really are alone
  You can live in this illusion
  You can choose to believe
  You keep looking but you can't find the woods
  While you're hiding in the trees 

by Nine Inch Nails

Was anyone ever an existentialist? Ages ago in my idealistic years at the university, I had many friends who were very much into Jean-Paul Sarte and Friedrich Nietzsche. The lyrics of this song lean a lot towards existentialism; don't you agree?

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September 26, 2005

Breathe Me

I was just reading the current issue of Rolling Stones featuring Sheryl Crow and Fiona Apple. It covers how and why Fiona took 7 years to complete her current recently released album. I am a fan of Fiona and was listening to the album about 2 months ago. Unfortunately I didn't find it to be anything special. On the other hand, I came across someone I haven't encountered before. Her name is Sia and the famous track is called Breathe Me from the finale of Six Feet Under. Below are the lyrics from the song.


      Help, I have done it again
      I have been here many times before
      Hurt myself again today
      And the worst part is there's noone else to blame
      Be my friend, hold me
      Wrap me up, un-fold me
      I am small, and needy
      Warm me up, and breathe me
      Ouch, I have lost myself again
      Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found
      Yeah, I think that I might break
      Lost myself again and I feel unsafe

by Sia

Sia - Breathe Me 2007 on YouTube

Sia Furler discusses Colour The Small One
Healing is not so difficult with Sia Furler

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September 19, 2005


  Now here you go again
  You say you want your freedom
  Well who am I to keep you down?
  It's only right that you should
  Play it the way you feel it
  But listen carefully to the sound
  Of your loneliness
  Like a heartbeat... drives you mad
  In the stillness of remembering what you had
  And what you lost...
  And what you had...
  And what you lost...
  Thunder only happens when it's raining
  Players only love you when they're playing
  Say... women... they will come and they will go
  When the rain washes you clean... you'll know
  Now here I go again, I see the crystal visions
  I keep my visions to myself
  It's only me
  Who wants to wrap around your dreams, and...
  Have you any dreams you'd like to sell?
  Dreams of loneliness...
  Like a heartbeat... drives you mad...
  In the stillness of remembering
  What you had...
  And what you lost...
  What you had...
  And what you lost...
  Thunder only happens when it's raining
  Players only love you when they're playing
  Say... women... they will come and they will go
  When the rain washes you clean... you'll know
  You will know...
  Oh, you'll know... 

by Stevie Nicks

Fleetwood Mac on YouTube

This has been my favorite song since I was in high school. Who knew, Stevie was also a San Jose State Alumni.
Some background on Dreams

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