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June 20, 2002

The psychological imperative

When we shop, we want the very best that money can buy. But what exactly does that mean? The best of what? The best until the next best comes out? The best because our favorite movie star owns one? The best because TV tells us that it is and by owning one, our self-esteem will go through the roof? In the end, we all would like to think that our choices are driven by our rational reasoning heads. However, I would like to think that very little is based on that. We are creatures of habit, emotion, and impulse and I dare to say that the large majority of our so-called reasonable decisions are really just driven by our basic nature. Good advertisers know this, marketing folks know this, lawyers know this. They are in the business of convincing people.  Is it brain-washing?  Not really, but it is making people think the way you want them to think.  And at the root, making someone believe something is more psychological than reason. Reason cannot hope to win
over our basic nature that has evolved over however long man came to be. The next time you look at a product at the shopping mall, think to yourself: do you need it for you or do you need it because someone put the idea into your psyche that you needed it (that without it, you are not complete).

May 29, 2002

Combatting TV Ads

With our western US society increasing becoming consumer oriented, the growing power of the marketting and business folks have become all-powerful. If you pay attention to our society, you can see evidence of this everywhere. Examples can be the bill-boards everywhere you drive, long advertising on TV, even the nasty pop-ups that appear on your computer. At least on the media side, TV advertisers have had almost 100 years to hone their coercing skills on the masses. What about the individuals' skills to combat the overwhelming coersion pitted upon us everyday, even every minute? Well, here is a small study upon the habits of people watching TV and their minute attempts to NOT watch the ads. Hurray for whatever little we attempt to do.

April 21, 2002

Confessions of a Car Salesman

This is a good piece from Edmunds talking about the motivations of what goes on in the minds of a car salesman. It would give you a second thought on how you can expect to be treated and regarded in a car sales lot. The internal operations really sound like a Casino.

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