October 22, 2007

Some things to read

Working with Windows COM and Multithreading

Some topics to browse through

  • Stanford University Guidelines for Web Credibility
    This is some common-sense. If you are a web developer, it will help to keep this in mind and integrate some of the concepts into your site. If you are a user, look for signs of these in places that you visit in the virtual world.

Some Tools
* MSDN download - Jul 2007

October 11, 2007

Linux Sockets

Linux sockets has this peculiarity that I have run across while developing some protocols. Say you have set up a server which sends replies to client requests. The client connects and would like to read N number of bytes from the server. That N number of bytes may need to be broken up into several recv() calls. Effectively recv() are called until the number of bytes you expect are reached.

The same occurs when you try to send() something. You have to loop until the number of bytes you end up sending completes. I don't know about other people but I find this very counter-intuitive. Having to read the same sort of code again-and-again bugs my brain.

If the only language a person uses is C or C++ then reusing the library won't be a problem but try developing sockets in another language.... say Python. You have to deal with the same weirdness in behavior once again. The pity is that the weirdness is not encapsulated. It leaks into your code each and every time you need to reimplement your protocol.

October 07, 2007

CVS vs Subversion

I have been using CVS in quite a few places now and it has proved quite useful for day-to-day work. Not bad for something that is free. However, like all things confronted with the passing time, it is dated. Mind you, it is not as old as the ole SCCS but it has been a standard in the unix/linux realm for over a decade. With larger companies, I have seen migration to ClearCase. Now ClearCase is mighty powerful but it is also expensive. How much? I don't know... but I have only seen use of it in companies in excess of 5000 people.

For the past 3 years, there has been much talk of SubVersion. It is supposed to trumph CVS . Many people have even claimed that it should replace CVS . The opinion in 2004 may just be that.... an opinion . However, it is now 3 years after and if the SubVersion adoption is more prevalent, then this may be a trend that should not be disregarded.

Below are just some links comparing/differentiating the two Sourcecode Control Systems:

October 04, 2007

Thoughts on the latest-and-greatest

Call me a boring has-been but the more new products and new technologies I see on the horizon now, the more leery I grow of them. Truth be told, the carreer path that I have followed (embedded software/firmware development) relies on the tried-and-true. This is always extremely more valuable than the latest-and-greatest. That said, lately I have been wondering about whether or not to upgrade to using Windows Vista. We are now in the midst of October 2007 which has given Vista almost a year to be in the marketplace. I use a computer for the most part of my waking day.... so I am starting to wonder whether I am missing out on anything tremendous that Vista might have to offer. However, as I poke around for opinions..... it is hard to find many worthy opinions which are positive. These are some interesting links:

On the opposite note, I even find many instances of thought where people actually go out of their way to put back Windows XP into their brand-new bought computers. Wow, a couple of years back, I recall reading that Microsoft bet their entire war-chest into the development of XP. I don't vaguely know the enormity of the chest but everyone knows it's got to be one-of or if "THE" largest war-chest in the world.

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