December 31, 2006

Reverse Commute

It's time to say my farewells and goodbyes to Florida. I don't think I'll miss the humidity, lizards, or hurricanes. However, I did meet some friendly people on the way. The following will be my trek back to silicon valley land. No more sunsets into land, welcome back sunsets that gradually disappear into the ocean.


December 22, 2006

wrestling with a thought

In the darkest of times, would you rather follow someone who is hopeful or someone who is realistic? Would you rather trust in someone who tells you that everything is good and will turn out well or someone who tells you things are the way they are? As a fellow human being, I have to admit to the desire to always want answers to nagging questions. But not only is that true, but there is a tendency to want the answers to be good ones, ones that we can readily accept into our frame of reference of the world. Maybe that is why religion is such a powerful idea. It lets us see into the future. It lets us feel comfortable with the unknown or the unknowable. (if I was truthful with myself) Until such a time when a time-machine can be invented, there is no way I will know for certain what would happen to me tomorrow.... or even the next hour....

but not knowing the answer is scary. Not knowing paralyzes me. And admitting to it, is terrifying .


December 11, 2006

Tool Links

Choosing a Python IDE

Other Tools

  • UMLStudio
    A while back I was using CodeVizor to diagram C++ classes from code. Unfortunately the company that made it went out-of-business and since then, I have been looking for something similar. UMLStudio (so far) seems like a good replacement and probably does a better job of documenting the classes in a UML manner rather than just a simple class breakdown.
  • XMLFox - Free XML Editor
  • XML Marker

December 07, 2006

Pictures of Nassau, Bahamas

nassau.JPG A really high view of the Nassau port.

Atlantis_casino.JPG The Atlantis casino.

Fishtank.JPG The big ole aquarium at the bottom of Atlantis.

December 06, 2006

JAX beaches

Some pictures of JAX beaches during the winter.
jax_1.JPG Ponte Vedra

jax_2.JPG Ponte Vedra

jax_3.JPG Lifeguard NOT on duty for the winter

jax_4.JPG Too cold even for fishing on the pier.