October 23, 2006

Win32 things to do with Python

Embedding the Python Interpreter into C++

Namedpipes and Python

October 12, 2006

Python material

ctypes Related
This is the Python module that allows you to easily hook into existing C code that are exposed as Windows DLLs . As you know, a large portion of existing software today are based on C so this is a major tool in any programmer's toolbox. Starting with Python 2.5, ctypes is a part of the built-in set of batteries which is distributed. This only adds to the usefulness factor.

Imaging Related

On Functional Program with Python

Useful things to keep around

October 09, 2006

What Sarah Said

    and it came to me then
    that every plan is a tiny prayer to father time
    as i stared at my shoes in the ICU
    that reeked of piss and 409
    and i rationed my breaths as i said to myself
    that i'd already taken too much today
    as each descending peep on the LCD
    took you a little farther away from me
    away from me
    amongst the vending machines and year old magazines
    in a place where we only say goodbye
    it's done like a violent wind that our memories depend
    on a faulty camera in our minds
    and i knew that you were a truth
    i would rather lose than to have never lain beside at all
    and i looked around at all the eyes on the ground
    as the tv entertained itself
    cos there's no comfort in the waiting room
    just nervous pacers bracing for bad news
    then the nurse comes round and everyone lifts their head
    but i'm thinking of what sarah said,
    that love is watching someone die
    so who's gonna watch you die
    so who's gonna watch you die
    so who's gonna watch you die

Death Cab for Cutie

Death Cab for Cutie - What she said on YouTube

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October 03, 2006

The Gin Blossoms at Freebird

(9/28/2006) The Gin Blossoms were playing with Shawn Mullins and Josh Kelley at Freebird out near Atlantic Beach. The venue was one block from the beach so getting the night air breeze was a treat. (I hope the guys took the opportunity either before or after the gig to enjoy the area) The crowd showing up for the show was small and they trickled in gradually as the night wore on. In total, there could not have been more than 100 people there. I was quite surprised because the Gin Blossoms were once a pretty big and famous band.

smullins.jpg 8:30 pm and Josh Kelley came up to play. It was two guys with acoustic guitars sitting on tall bar stools on stage. The music was southern blues and Josh was not a bad opener. Shawn Mullins came up next with an acoustic guitar and his bearded companion carried a small mandolin. Again two guys with guitars so it looked like it was going to be an acoutic night. Shawn Mullins played his well known hits: Lullaby and Shimmer. He told a funny story about how he wrote Lullaby after eating dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles. Mullins and his companion did justice to their set and I was surprised he wasn't headlining his own tour.


The Gin Blossoms hit the stage in electric gear. There are lots of young fans in the audience which surprised me. It has been almost 10 years since these guys' last big hit; these kids would have been in diapers then. Lead singer Robin Wilson was very obliging to the audience and took many a cell-phone and sang into it on stage. Their set included many of their famous staples:

Follow You Down, Allison Road, Hey Jealousy, Found Out About You

These were very nostalgic as each song reminded me of certain moments in my life. However, I have to admit that the music is dated. I'm not as excited to see them as I would have been 10 years ago. The show was decent but it does have the feel of a group trying to hang on to some past glory.

Found Out About You

Till I Hear It From You

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