June 26, 2006

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  • College Towns -- the next retirement Meccas?
    Miami certainly is not anymore. I have spoken to quite a few local folks from Miami and they wholeheartedly agree. Unless you have an emotional attachment to the city, it is an outrageously expensive place to be. The old adage of retiring to Miami Beach was a remnant of the 60s. Smart older folks who have been living here left when Miami Vice reached its peak.

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June 07, 2006

Miami Haunts

An image from high above of this South Florida city called Miami:

Some pictures of the tourist trap that South Beach has become.

It was a cloudy day and there wasn't too much sun. The 2006 hurricane season is about to start; need to find me some wood to knock on.

Barely two minutes that it takes for the sun to disappear off of Kendall looking out towards Krome:

June 05, 2006

excerpt from "how about you"

    everyone plays the hand they're dealt
    and learns to walk through life themselves
    not everything in life is handed on a plate
    when people think your words are true
    it doesn't matter what you do
    i sold my soul to get here
    how 'bout you? 

by Staind

Staind - How about you on YouTube

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