August 24, 2005

Cluster Sizes

I have run into a similar problem to the default-allocation waste that is encountered when using the hard-disk. However, as that I am currently working in the data networking arena, that is where it occurs.

First, let me just review the disk-allocation waste situation with those who aren't familiar. When you format your hard-disk, you must choose a specific cluster-size. This size dictates that the smallest unit of disk-space your computer will refer to will have this size. Having a large cluster size is beneficial for large files because the computer doesn't have to index as many blocks when accessing such a file. With a small cluster size, there will be so many more index entries just to keep track of that file. But the biggest drawback here is that if you have a small file, a minimum chunk space is still allocated to contain that very small file. The difference between that small file and your cluster size is the waste that is not being used.


A prime example of this is when you realize that very big disk that you just bought for your windows 98 machine suddenly runs out of space so quickly. You didn't use up all the space. It is because your disk defaulted to a large cluster size and most of your disk space is located in the unused portions of your disk clusters. I have written about Hard Disk Sizes before.


In networking, it is similar. Having a small "cluster" will optimize usage of pipe bandwidth but large packets are just not accepted by your switch or router. They would be dropped as they don't fit in the cluster. Having a large "cluster", jumbo packets are routed just fine; however, there is a large amount of waste whenever you are sending very small packets. The throughput is sub-optimal and can degrade as much as 35%. Again, the reason here is that the space occupied by the frame and the cluster size is essentially wasted.

The two situations above are exactly the same problem but in entirely different domains. In truth, you can't win them all. You choose your cluster size somewhere in the middle and hope that your usage will fall somewhere there. There will be benefits and wastes but like many things in life, they are out of your control.

August 19, 2005

August 05, 2005

Mindy Smith snapshots

Here are some more pictures I found of Mindy Smith. I know she has toured the west coast and wondered whether she would ever visit Florida. My brother claims he saw her when she opened for Nickel Creek some time back.





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Fall 2005 Tour dates and venues

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August 03, 2005

"Down In Flames"

My brother first got me into listening to Mindy Smith and so far I am hooked. At first I thought it was country.... then it sounded very religious. It doesn't matter, good music is good music. I am also glad to find out that she is not another teeny-bopper singing about being lovesick. Her lyrics show it too.


   I don't usually take chances
    Most would easily agree
    Something in your eyes
    Is saying you can ease my heartache
    I have a burden in sight
    And I know you're just a stranger
    If you cannot understand
    There's too many times 
    I've lost my chance to talk with an angel
    Too many to count
    And life's so hard
    It's the little things that seem to be getting me today, yeah
    Life's so hard 
    But I'm doing what I can to not to be getting down
    I'm going down in flames
    Going down in flames
    I would tell you I am happy
    If I wasn't so damn sad
    And the loneliness both overwhelms and keeps me empty
    That's how it's been for a while
    And life's so hard
    It's the little things that seem to be getting me today, yeah
    Life's so hard 
    But I'm doing what I can to not to be getting down
    I'm going down in flames
    Going down in flames
    I need some direction
    I need someone to listen
    Someone to tell me that they know
    That life's so hard
    It's the little things that seem to be saving me today, yeah
    Life's so hard 
    And I'm doing what I can
    Oh, yeah, I'm doing what I can
    Hey, I'm doing what I can
    I'm puttin' out.... yeah,
    Puttin' out the flames

by Mindy Smith

I love the last part: Life is so hard but I'm doing what I can to put out the flames.

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