September 25, 2002

Rise and Fall of C++ and Java

As we all know, anyone involved in technology has been in a funk for the past 2 years. This is especially true for programmers with C++ and/or Java sphere. Take a look at this graph of programmer demand in Silicon Valley.

September 22, 2002

Getting back to Quality

There is a good article on HBO's approach to getting quality back to television: A hit is a hit. This same way of thinking applies to many things in life. The quality in the thing (in this case, television content) doesn't necessarily translate to having the most followers or attracting the most eyeballs. Jerry Springer and the Anna Nicole show sure gets lots of viewers.... but are they quality shows? Most times, quality doesn't necessarily translate to providing immediate gratification. But in the long run, it helps you in some way. TV can be a good mirror of life and can help you in letting you see how others handle certain situations. It can help you connect to the human element of an otherwise cold alienating world. On the flip side, some shows only use it to reflect all the ugliness of life and nothing but the ugly.