May 29, 2002

Advice on a programmer's life

Here is a wonderful article written by Matt Gullett: The Standalone Programmer - Tips from the trenches. Many seasoned folks can sympathize with the processes and situations that he describes. Furthermore, I agree that some of the few good habits that you can cull from the experiences can make a big difference in the progress of your life in the programming arena.

Programming today is such a large arena encompassing from doing assembly on an 8051 or 6802 to writing device drivers on Windows XP for a proprietary piece of hardware to developing web applications for a company. However, the general wisdom and approaches to problem solving are basically the same. A good approach is not to be too entrenched in the details and try to have a wider perspective.

Thanks for the visit

Thanks for taking the time out to hang out with me in Vegas. The 9 hour drive both ways must have been really boring with nothing but country music to keep you company. I remember getting stuck in a ditch on my initial drive out to Vegas. Lucky for me a good-hearted country dude gave me a hand to push my car out of the ditch. (ok, maybe this is my way of remembering one of the few lucky times in my life)

During your visit I was in a period of recovery so you got to be house-bound too. Anne's brothers and their gang came over after you left for home. They were antsy so they were out at the casinos and shopping centers all the time. Well it was good that you don't have the gambling itch or it would have been a problem.

Combatting TV Ads

With our western US society increasing becoming consumer oriented, the growing power of the marketting and business folks have become all-powerful. If you pay attention to our society, you can see evidence of this everywhere. Examples can be the bill-boards everywhere you drive, long advertising on TV, even the nasty pop-ups that appear on your computer. At least on the media side, TV advertisers have had almost 100 years to hone their coercing skills on the masses. What about the individuals' skills to combat the overwhelming coersion pitted upon us everyday, even every minute? Well, here is a small study upon the habits of people watching TV and their minute attempts to NOT watch the ads. Hurray for whatever little we attempt to do.

May 27, 2002

Some local Silicon Valley news

Hey Ich,

Here is some news local to you that is relevant to some of our conversation last week. First off is the flocking of investors into real estate. Since there is a supply cap in the valley, you ought to see a spike in prices as more buyers are coming in. Second is the topic of "cooking the books". I guess this is just one of many things the stock market has seen that is basically ripping off investors. This article "Investors losing faith" just goes to show that trust can only be stretched so far. When you are screwed up, down, left, right.... it's only a matter of time before you will say STOP!!!!

May 13, 2002

How Walmart works

Walmart is remaking our world, it's just a worst of all possible worlds. And as any good business man knows, the secret is to hide all the dirty laundry. If one person gets rich, it's usually on the backs of thousands of others.... in Walmart's case, it is literally on millions. So much for the small-town, we care about everyone and love everyone image....