March 27, 2002

Site Reorganization

I just made a site reorganization and as well have made a site move to a different domain address. We can now be reached at:

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Red Rock and the new gallery

I have a mundane observation today.  Vegetable grocery prices are going through the roof in Las Vegas.  A head of lettuce goes for $2.50 at Raleys and an ordinary cucumber goes for $.95 at Albertsons.  Is it because everything needs to be shipped to Vegas?  One particular explanation ties the cost in with the sudden increase in gas prices.

I have created a new feature for the site.  I dub it my current
and it is accessed through the link on the right side of this page. 
As time progresses there will different galleries of pictures here.  It was
a bright day at Red Rock and the mountains particularly show off their bright
colors.  Red Rock is about 20 miles to the east of Las Vegas.

March 22, 2002

Bay Area home sales

Sales of bay area homes continue to rise according to the Mercury. This should raise your spirits because people are tripping over themselves to buy homes. They mentioned that the average homes sold over the past month is 48 per day versus 30 per day last year. Pretty hefty jump in a contracting economy and in an area where supply is capped.

March 15, 2002

On the topic of taxes....,

On the topic of taxes...., when the year was closing last year, I had this great idea that I should utilize the fact that I didn't have any income for the year. I converted what was left of my IRA into a Roth IRA. Well, as you know, a side effect of this is that the amount that you converted will be counted as income for the year. No problem there since I didn't have any to begin with. I was so smug to perform such a feat and felt great that I had thought of it.

I just finished my taxes yesterday and realized that my investment in the IRA are worth 1/2 of what I will be paying taxes on. Ooop..... an additional oop is that I had to pay California state taxes whereas if I had waited until this year, I can claim Nevada residence and nothing would be due. Ooop ooop. I would have been better off had I done nothing.

This is just another wonderful lesson about trying to get the better of Uncle Sam. Even if it's legal, you have to accept that until you die... Uncle Sam wants his cut in taxes. The concept of a minimalist life is starting to sound good. He can't take something from nothing, can he?

Vegas weather. I must say,

Vegas weather.

I must say, this is one place where extreme weather flourishes. Yesterday it was gusty winds and I mean he kind that would wisk Alice and Todo off to Oz. Tree tops were bent sideways, water flowing from outdoor fountains would have a peculiar awkward lean into the wind, and outdoor umbrellas could be seen tumbling along the streets like so many dried tumbleweeds. Suffice to say that you could easily catch a windburn if you had stayed outside for any amount of time. This, on top of the snow of a desert winter, have provided me with about half of the weather experiences of Vegas. The truly big one, the summer scorcher of over 120 degrees farenheit is yet to come. Everyone tells me not even to joke about it and to better find good shade when such a day hits. Seeing as we are still in the midst of winter and it's quite cold at night, I dare say that I am curious about the warm rays. It looks like we are bound for some rain this weekend. I even hear that there are flooding seasons in Vegas too. Too cool.

March 11, 2002

I have collected Timmy's pictures

I have collected Timmy's pictures into an easy to access page. It is available on the link list to the side. Were these taken with Sonny's camera? Did you have to reduce the image from a tool on the computer? I'm curious about digital cameras and am thinking about getting one. If Sonny can write a little article about his experiences with them, it would be great.

Hoang Do

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It's that time of year again. With only 5 weeks left, I'm just about loading in my new TurboTax CD-ROM. Funny, the rebate check came in even before I used the software. Talk about procrastination!

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March 08, 2002

European Currency Exchange dealine past.

European Currency Exchange dealine past.

Yup, February 28th was basically the last day to get rid of all that European money that you may have kept. I had a large amount in many different denomination (French Francs, German Deutchmarks, Irish Pounds, and Belgium Francs) left-over from the time I lived in Europe before. They will all be considered very expensive souvinir monopoly play-money by now. Given that I am living in the gambling capitol of the world (well, maybe just the US), I will just chuck this up to a involuntary loss.

Here is a good sight of the Bellagio fountains at night. Bellagio at Night

March 05, 2002

Think your computer runs hot?

Think your computer runs hot? Try this on for size. How about frying an egg on your heat sink?

March 04, 2002

some news: Some news about

some news:
Some news about California. Golden State: Is the Glitter coming back? How long before the tech ferver makes a comeback?

March 02, 2002

I got an annual pass

I got an annual pass to the Red Rock national park. It is located about 10 to 12 miles outside of Vegas. Nothing but sand and dirt and more desert out there baby. But it is wonderfully tranquil. No city sounds, no wildlife sounds, just you and the silence in a vast expanse of space. Everytime I come out to the desert, I keep telling myself to take some pictures. I either keep forgetting to bring something along or when I do, the light is just really bad.